April 8, 2022

Episode #30. Mental fitness in youth athletes with Dr Josie Perry

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Believe Move Grow podcast. I’ve been on a mini hiatus but I’m back with a cracker of an episode!  Today’s episode is centred around the notion of teenage athletes’ mental fitness.  This is a timely episode with the increased prevalence of high-profile athletes opening about their mental health struggles.  I think it is key that those involved in a young athlete’s journey, including the athlete themselves, have an awareness of the importance to train the mind as well as the body.  My guest today is Josie Perry who is a Chartered Psychologist. Josie works with those in sport, on the stage and in business.  I invited Josie along to chat about her fantastic book ‘I Can: The Teenage Athletes Guide to Mental Fitness’.  In my conversation with Josie, we discussed how Josie prioritises wellbeing first and performance second, her personal experience with PE, self-identify in a youth athlete and the importance of young athletes being confident to ask questions. So, without further ado please enjoy my conversation with Josie Perry. 


Josie Perry Twitter @Josephineperry  

Josie’s website: Performance In Mind

Josie’s book:I Can: The Teenage Athlete’s Guide to Mental Fitness


Once again thank you for taking the time to listen. If you enjoyed todays conversation, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes as well as sharing with a friend or colleague who you think would benefit from the episode. It’s been great to hang out with you today and as always keep believing, moving, and growing!   

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