February 18, 2022

Episode #29. Emotional regulation in youth football with Dr Philippa McGregor

Hi everyone and thanks for taking the time to join me today! Today’s topic is all about emotional regulation in youth academy football.   To highlight the degree of complexity in this area, I have pinched a quote from my guests PhD, from the influential scientist James Gross, which reads “The ambitious study of emotion has been described as trying to catch butterflies, only harder”. So, If you work with adolescents, or have adolescent children, then you will undoubtedly have encountered a pupil, athlete, son or daughter who is navigating  through this tumultuous time of emotional challenges.  The question is how do we mange these challenges and why do they occur in the first place? To answer these questions, my guest today is Dr Philippa McGregor, who is a performance psychology consultant, who has worked with youth players at Fulham FC, Man city FC and currently works with the U17 England Football Women’s team. Philippa wrote a great PhD titled ‘The development, implementation and evaluation of an emotion focussed intervention in youth academy football’.  In my conversation with Philippa, we discussed how well-being and performance are intertwined, focussing on the person first and foremost,  normalising emotional experiences and the emotional, cognitive and social challenges during the 3 stages of adolescence. I really hope you gain some nuggets from our conversation so without further ado please welcome Dr Philippa McGregor.  


Philippa McGregor twitter: @Philippa1606

Philippa's PhD:  The development, implementation and evaluation of an emotion-focused intervention in youth academy football (lboro.ac.uk)

Message in a bottle – life is a journey and full of highs and lows, embrace the ride, no limits on what you can achieve except the limits your put on yourself  

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