January 7, 2022

Episode #28. Knowing your identity outside of elite sport and reacting positively to a negative situation with Georgia Martin

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the Believe Move Grow podcast.  My guest today left me in awe with such a wise head on young shoulders.  I have been thinking how to sum up today’s guests journey and I found a simple yet powerful quote, which reads: No Rain No flowers.  I think we can all resonate with life experiences that initially looked unfavourable but fast forward to the near future and on looking back these negative experiences actually turn out to be perversely beneficial.  We can all learn from my guest today whose life journey speaks to the power of taking the positives out of negative situations and not letting such experiences define you as a person.  Georgia Martin has a diverse background having previously been an elite athlete for the British Rowing World Class START programme, during which she represented England and won the Henley Royal Regatta.  More recently due to injury, Georgia has completed a BSc in Sports Performance from Bath University and works as an ambassador for Kickoff@3 which is a charity that supports young people from all backgrounds through the medium of sport, music and other imaginative ideas.  Just a heads up here that in later in the chat Georgia mentions how to follow Kickoff@3 and their website is kickoff@3.com not.co.uk.  In my chat with Georgia we discussed her early sporting career, re-discovering her identity outside of sport, how she used her sporting injury as a positive vs. a negative, and we finished by discussing kickoff@3 and their positive impact on young people.  So, without further ado please welcome Georgia Martin.    


Twitter Georgia: @Georgiamartin03

Instagram: georgiamartin2021


Twitter Kickoff@3: @KickOffAt3

Answer to question on what you would put as a message in a bottle to promote physical activity and mindset beliefs in children and young people “Try anything and keep going | Be the best you can be and no time like the present. 

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