November 26, 2021

Episode #27. Perfectionism with Dr Thomas Curran.

To quote Karen Horney “The perfect normal person is rare in our civilisation”. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist I am acutely aware as to how exhausting and unfulfilling this can be. Also, as a dad to two boys I wanted to chat with an expert on perfectionism and how we can gain some tips and tactics to help children navigate the world we live in which puts perfectionism and relentless work ethic on a pedestal. So if you have suffered with perfectionistic tendencies, have children who you think are showing signs of perfectionism or work with children in schools or sports teams then my guest today provides some great content in identifying and managing this personality trait. Dr Thomas Curran is a British Psychological Society chartered social psychologist with a primary area of expertise on the personality characteristic of perfectionism, how it develops, and how it impacts on mental health.  Tom has done a fantastic TED talk titled “our dangerous obsession with perfectionism is getting worse. In my chat with Tom we cover how perfectionism is a cultural phenomenon,  the difference between excellence and perfectionism, and discuss perfectionism in relation to the school system and social media and much more! So without further ado please welcome Dr Thomas Curran.


Tom Twitter: @thom_curran

Tom TED Talk:  Our dangerous obsession with perfectionism is getting worse

Tom website: Thomas Curran

Book recommendation: The neurotic personality by Karen Horney

Animation recommendation: What's Up With Everyone? - Perfectionism

Message in a bottle to promote physical activity in children: "you are who you are and the person who you are is unique to you"

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