November 9, 2021

Episode #26. How to improve children’s ability to implicitly learn about their bodily awareness and emotions with the brilliant Jaime Amor from Cosmic Kids!

Maria Montessori once said that “Education is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences”. From a personal standpoint I can fully resonate with this quote having two young boys and watching them blossom through experiential learning.  The pandemic and lockdowns have thrown up challenges for children to continue experientially learning with passive screen time being a real issue.  Out of this potential dark place shines a light that I discovered  over lockdown.  This bright light was called Cosmic Kids which is yoga for children, created and presented by the fantastic Jaime Amor! Jaimes’s backstory is fascinating having started off as an actor, then working as a children’s entertainer before qualifying as a yoga instructor.  Jaime’s assorted background has led to her creating Cosmic Kids which tells stories through Yoga and demonstrates an engaging , active and experiential way for children to physically move, learn about emotions, develop bodily awareness, all whilst having oodles of fun!  There is a serious, important theme that does run through Cosmic Kids in that it is developing children’s implicit learning as to how to be mindful and not mindless and in today’s passive social media consumption society, this is more important than ever.   In today’s chat Jaime spoke to how she uses stories to engage children, seeing the world through a child’s eyes, healthy active screen time, mindfulness. vs. mindlessness,  and the importance of children being connected to themselves vs. being disconnected. Jamie was a pleasure to have on the podcast and her energy and enthusiasm were infectious and I challenge you to not listen to this without a big, massive smile on your face!  So, without further ad, please welcome Jaime Amor from Cosmic kids! 


Instagram Cosmic Kids: cosmickidsyoga

Twitter Cosmic Kids: @CosmicKidsYoga

Cosmic kids website: Cosmic Kids

YouTube Cosmic Kids: Cosmic Kids Yoga - YouTube

- Book recommendation – Eastern Body for the Western Mind by Anodea Judith

- Answer to my question on what would you put in a message in a bottle to promote physical activity in children: stay calm, keep breathing and think positive

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