October 7, 2021

Episode #25. Contrarian thinking towards physical education with Greg Dryer.

I wanted to share a wonderful quote on physical literacy from Margaret Whitehead which reads “We shouldn’t be trying to make star athletes. Rather, we should mark the progress of our children’s journey’s. That way all children have the chance to lead a fully embodied life, no matter their abilities or physique, whether they like to be outside, or like sports. The intellectual, social and physical development of children are intertwined.”  So far on the podcast I have spoken to visionaries within the field of physical education, and it feels that a gradual paradigm shift is occurring in what it means for children to be physically educated, far removed from the outdated views of discipline and competition.  One of my previous guests Shaun Dowling, in episode 7, spoke of how the profession is going through its most significant catalytic time in the last 100 years.  If you are interested in what the future of physical education should look and sound like, then this episode delivers in spades. My guest today is very much at  the forefront of the narrative for continual evolution of the physical education curriculum.  Greg Dryer is a highly respected leader and authority in the field of physical education with a refreshing, positively contrarian viewpoint as to what constitutes a PE curriculum that is inclusive and available to all young people, irrespective of gender, culture, or race.  It is fair to say that Greg has been around the proverbial block when it comes to physical education, having been head of PE at three London schools and the brainchild for the School of Education, Centre for Physical Education, Sport and Activity at Kingston University.  In today’s episode we talked about how physical activity can enhance life quality, finding connections with a movement environment, what assessment looks like in physical education, the notion of commercialised sport vs. youth sport and much more. I was honoured to have this conversation with Greg, and I hope you enjoy absorbing his knowledge and wisdom. So, without further ado please welcome Greg Dryer.


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Answer to my question on what would you put in a message in a bottle to promote physical activity in children “Just do it for the love of it”

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