September 12, 2021

Episode #24. A physical literacy informed Physical Education curriculum with Liz Durden-Myers

To quote my guest today “Let’s not just simply exist but instead flourish in existence and I believe  physical activity to be an integral part of this”. Speaking from my personal experience as a physiotherapist, I have heard hundreds, if not thousands of times how many of my inactive adult patients have had a negative experience of physical education, which likely played a role in the life course of their participation in physical activity.  If you are anything like me, you may be curious as to why PE has historically been such a polarising subject with some children flourishing and others loathing the experience.  To unravel this polarity and also provide future solutions to tackle the inequities in physical education design, I invited along Liz Durden-Myers who is a senior lecturer in physical education.  Today’s episode zoom’s into how a physical literacy informed PE curriculum can encourage all children to flourish, not just the privileged few. Within our chat we covered a whole host of topics and took a deep dive into the 3 pillars of physical literacy, in monism, existentialism, and phenomenology and how we can use these philosophical underpinnings to shape a curriculum that unlocks every child’s embodied potential.  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recoding it! So without further ado, please welcome Liz Durden-Myers.


- Twitter Liz: @LizDurdenMyers

- Book recommendation – Physical Literacy Through the Life Course by Margaret Whitehead, The Genius of a Natural Childhood by Sally Goddard Blythe, Intelligence in the Flesh by Guy Claxton

- Message in a bottle - "Life is a marathon not a sprint, invest in you and your environment and the environment of others and prioritise the things that make you feel alive and make us human and capitalise on your own embodied  potential.  Lets not just simply exist but instead flourish in existence and I believe physical activity to be an integral part of this"  

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