July 27, 2021

Episode #22. Creating school learning environments with physical movement at its heart from the co-founder of Teach Active Jon Smedley

As the great Albert Einstein once said “I never teach my pupils, I only provide the conditions in which they can learn”. Classroom based learning in my opinion separates the body from the mind, whereas moving the classroom outside creates all sorts of new learning experiences for children in a variety of subjects.  My guest today founded a company initially named Maths of the Day in 2015, latterly to be re-branded as Teach Active in 2019 as it is known today. Jon Smedley gave birth to the idea of delivering the primary Maths and English curriculum through physical activity after his work in a school with poor Maths attainment and enjoyment towards the subject.  Fast forward to today and Jon has grown Teach Active to 3500 lesson plans reaching 1000 schools and along the way has picked up some awards including the Education Resources Award for Resource or Equipment of the year and The Education Show Award for School Resources and Equipment for Learning at the Bett Awards.  In Today’s conversation Jon explains all about Teach Active and how it can save teachers hours of time, which for the packed national curriculum is a bonus, how the active lessons allow for greater retainment  and recollection of information if learning is put into a game, and some wonderful, unexpected by-products including improved social skills, team-work, resilience, collaboration, improved behaviour and wanting to come to school!  So without further ado I have great pleasure in introducing Jon Smedley.    


- Teach Active website: Teach Active - Active Maths & English Lessons

- Instagram: Teach Active: teachactive

- Twitter Teach Active: @TeachActive

- Book recommendation – Teaching With the Brain in Mind – Eric Jensen,  Spark - Jon Ratey.

Answer to my question on what would you put in a message in a bottle to promote physical activity in children Active humans do better".

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